Electroless Nickel Plating

Electroless Nickel Plating


Plating is usually the only barrier between your parts and the atmospheric working conditions. Often, there is no plating applied to an end product, so very early in the life of the part, corrosion and wear deteriorates functionality and ultimately the total unit which it was assembled into. You don't have to settle with the alternative of using expensive metal alloys such as stainless steel in the future or a lesser quality electroplated finish to keep your parts from failure.


One form of plating that is commonly used in many industrial applications is nickel electroplating, which offers excellent corrosion protection and increases wear resistance. However, electroless nickel plating solutions are often chosen as an alternative to nickel electroplating. Unlike nickel electroplating, electroless nickel plating does not require the use of an electric current to produce the desired reaction. Instead, the deposition of the nickel metal occurs via autocatalytic reaction.

The advantages of electroless nickel plating solutions include:

  No need for an electric current, which can minimize utility bills

  Easier to achieve an even coating on parts

  Greater flexibility in terms of coating volume and thickness

  Automatic monitoring of chemical replenishment during the plating process

  Ability to achieve various levels of finish brightness

By applying electroless nickel plating, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your parts will last indefinitely in accordance to a proper engineering specification. You won't have to worry any more about the rising cost of exotic metals and the burdening detriment of electroplating that creates out-of-tolerance parts and lack of mechanical and environmental protection. The risk of corrosion and wear will be abated.


Many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) come to techno shine for their electroless nickel plating needs. OEMs want to make end products with an advantage over the competition. Other electroless nickel customers are job shops that want to improve their machined components value. Our industrial plating company has electroless nickel plating solutions for products of varying degrees of use ranging from simple corrosion protection to others in need of better wear resistance created by occluding and infusing materials like ceramics into the coating and also low friction composites such as fluorinated carbons to create a dry self lubricating coating.