Plant Features

Plant Features


Scrubber System

Covered Plant (Contamination Free) Scrubber installed in plant for fumes free enviroment.

Auto Dosing System

Fully automatic dosing systems running successfully.

Make : Iwaki (Japan)

  High Speed Operation

  Double ball check valves

  Compact Size

  Long lasting diaphragm

Acid Life Extender

Acid recovery system installed in the line and running successfully which has reduced HCL consumption from 1000kg / day to 100kg / day.

Separate Inspection Area

Seperate inspection is defined to ensure proper inspection & Packaging of Processed material

Kraft IGBT Rectifiers

  Up To 40% Power Saving

  Extremely High Uptime

  Modular Design With One Standard Module

  Designed For 24/7 Max Load Operations

  Dual Mode - Two Rectifiers In One

  Upgrade Any Time

  Made In Sweden

Flow Meters

FLOW METERS have been installed on all inlets of rinsing tanks to ensure adequate cascade rinsing.

Ion Exchange System

Ion Exchange system for passivation is installated to ensure the consistent quality and would help to keep passivation secure from impurities like zinc and iron.

X-RAY Flurescence (XRF)

XRF is installed in in-house testing lab for accurate Coating Thikness Measurement

SCADA Features


Company : Movicon, Italy.

  Show real time status of process and as well as control of the same (setting dip timings, skipping tanks etc.)

  Recipe feature allows quick setting of plant for various products.

  Record alarms and events for maintenance diagnostics.

  Record timings of each batch for future reference and production reporting.

  Generate Prpduction reports automatically or on demand based on time period / product selection.